Testing post and write more, share more, effort to collaborative knowledge and baseline/boilerplate (opinionated) on react and node.js. Especially react, probably hooks is more idea now?). Boilerplate would help crowdsourcing vulnerability and better for collaboration.

Now I am working on a SaaS which I am hoping launching beta as soon as possible, so I am probably going to blog on more:

  • Simple Auth0 and Firebase API+SPA, or only machine to machine authentication configuration without code change for express/nestjs project. To have a baseline way for implement (https://github.com/nestjs/docs.nestjs.com/issues/75), probably either passport or simple middleware
  • Workflow / Zapier related automation: like probably n8n, tideflow
  • Express boilerplate(To discuss whether follow convention of NestJS, https://softwareontheroad.com/ideal-nodejs-project-structure, https://github.com/async-labs/saas)
  • React’s Awesome sample of grid mode of components, swap image wall to IOT wall by configuration, not code change, component type development benefit . (Dashboard like)